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Girlish is a podcast hosted by trans women and best friends Gage Adkins and Olivia Noel. The two discuss LGBTQ+ and pop culture topics through their own unique experiences. As women of color in their twenties, they strive to create an entertaining and educational show. The show gained popularity and has been featured on both Spotify and Apple Podcasts' home page. They aim to create a tool to bridge a gap that may be needed for those who are educating themselves about trans issues but also for those who are trans and need a space for them. 


Host of Girlish


Host of Girlish

Gage is a Filipino-American trans woman born and raised in Seattle, Washington. She originally studied Forensic Science and Criminal Justice at the University of Washington but switched majors after coming out as trans. She graduated from UW in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in Ethnic, Gender, and Labor studies minoring in Human Rights. She has documented the entirety of her transition on YouTube and continues to be passionate about trans activism.

Olivia is a Mexican-American trans woman and YouTuber. In 2021 she graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor's degree in Diversity Studies and a minor in Africana Studies. Olivia began her transition in 2016 after being outed and kicked out of her home. This sparked Olivia's push for activism. 

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Girlish was featured on Apple Podcast's "Curated Collection" series, along side the likes of Jonathan Van Ness, Ross Matthews, and Dan Savage!


Girlish was shown countless times as a promotion for Anchor's social media platforms! The link to this tweet can be found here:

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The AV Club included Girlish in a compilation article under "Podmass" where they discuss Gage and Olivia's dynamic as well as thoughtful review on their episode "Relationship Advice".

This article can be found here:

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